Syphilis is a bacteria which is passed on from warm moist parts of the body such as in your arse, mouth/throat and cock. It's easy to pick up and spread.

How's it passed on: Through unprotected

  • Fucking & being fucked
  • Sucking & being sucked
  • Fingering & fisting
  • Rimming & being rimmed

Symptoms: The disease follows three stages, each with its own symptoms. But symptoms of syphilis don't always show. Many men diagnosed with syphilis never realised they had it until they got tested.

Stage 1 - Painless red sores either on your cock, balls, in or around your mouth throat and arse. Glands near infection may swell

Stage 2 - Skin rash can appear on your hands and feet or other areas. Possibly a fever, headaches, feeling sick and hair loss

Stage 3 - Many years later it can cause serious damage to your heart, brain, and nervous system. This is very rare as it is usually spotted by this stage.

Treatment: It is diagnosed with a blood test and treated with antibiotics.

Prevention: Using a condom greatly reduces the risks of contact with infectious parts. But this doesn't guarantee protection as syphilis bacteria could be in any sore or rash not covered by the condom. Touching the rash or sores should be avoided. Latex gloves for fisting will stop contact with sores in someone's arse.

If untreated syphilis can cause damage to your heart, brain and nervous system. Syphilis is usually spotted before this happens and these problems are rare.