Gonorrhoea (also known as the "clap") is one of the most common infections around and is caused by bacteria that live on moist, warm parts of the body such as the inside of the arse, mouth, throat and urethra (the "tube" in your cock that you piss down).

How's it passed on: Through unprotected

  • Fucking & being fucked
  • Sucking & being sucked
  • Rimming

Symptoms: Many people don't notice symptoms, especially with gonorrhoea of the throat or arse, but 2 to 7 days after being infected you might notice:

  • Pain when pissing and a discharge from your cock
  • You might want to piss but can't, or only a little
  • There may be a discharge on your shit or pain when shitting

Treatment: It is diagnosed with a sample of your piss or taking a swab from the infected area and treated with antibiotics

Prevention: Using condoms will greatly reduce the risk of getting Gonorrhoea from fucking and sucking. After touching someone's cock or arse avoid touching your eyes until you've washed your hands

Untreated gonorrhoea can cause serious damage to your balls, arthritis and prostatitis. No-one is immune to it. If you've had it before, you can get it again.