Selling Sex

Selling sex can come across as fun and an easy way to earn a bit of extra cash, for most though this is not the reality, it is often hard work mentally, emotionally and physically that can have long term effects on all aspects of your health.

There is a no tolerance zone for male or female sex workers in Edinburgh. Although there are men who do sell sex on streets it has become more common place to sell sex via the internet, through escort agencies and self promotion.

Sex workers, by law, are normally given three warnings before being charged with selling sex though local instructions can vary between Police services.

ROAM recognises the difficulties and complexities of selling sex. We have many years’ experience working with both street workers and escorts.

If you are selling sex and would like more advice or support please get in touch.

Some safety advice if you are selling sex...

Things to think about:

The most important piece of advice we can give you is listen to your gut instincts. If a person or place makes you feel uncomfortable then go with your feelings and leave.

  • Try to leave jewellery, watches & wallets at home.
  • It may be useful to take your mobile in case you need it.
  • Be discreet - you will attract less attention from the police and the public.
  • Try and stay aware of your surroundings- being drunk or wasted can affect your judgement.
  • Carry enough condoms and lube with you. (we can supply these free)
  • Don't get straight into someone's car. Check the back seat to see that nobody is hiding there. Remember many cars have central locking. If you feel uncomfortable don't get in.
  • If you agree to go to theirs try to find out where you are going first and let someone else know.
  • Know how to get out of the area you are in and where your nearest exit is.
  • If you’ve agreed to meet through the internet meet in a public space where there’s people around should you need to get help.
  • REMEMBER YOUR OWN limits as to what you are prepared to agree to with a client.
  • Regular testing at your local G.U.M or testing service