Cruising is about meeting other people for sex in a public place, usually in a park or a graveyard. Cottaging is the same but describes sex in public toilets.

It is important that you are as safe as possible in cruising areas. For a number of years ROAM has worked alongside the cruising community and Police Scotland (formerly Lothian & Borders Police) to help achieve this.

Things to think about:

Safer Cruising Be Safe & Be Prepared

Safety or pleasure? Why not choose both!

  • Be prepared - always carry condoms and lube
  • Know where you are - know the area and how to get out
  • Be aware - drink/drugs can effect your judgement
  • Trust your gut instincts - if it doesn't feel right don't do it
  • Be discreet - keep a low profile and out of public view
  • Belongings - never carry valuables or lots of cash in your wallet

This information is part of the ROAM campaign information, funded by Number18 Sauna and Steamworks Sauna.

Is it Legal?

Being in a cruising area is not illegal neither is carrying condoms, lube nor health leaflets. However if you are caught engaging in sex or displaying yourself in an indecent way there can be a serious consequences as this is illegal.

The Police are aware of the sensitivities surrounding Cruising areas and do not actively patrol or intervene in cruising grounds unless there is a report of a serious crime happening. See our Police and PSE's section.

How do I report a crime?

If you or have been a victim or a witness of a crime please report this, the info can go a long way to making things safer out there for you and others. You can report a crime anonymously through us or you can go direct to the Police. See our Remote Reporting section. If you have been attacked in anyway please get in touch and we can discuss your needs and where best to get advice and support.

If you witness a crime happening dial 999 and seek assistance.